Grallera de Boixaguer


This is one of the most challenging vertical tours we offer. La grallera de Boixaguer has an unevenness of 148 meters and 870 meters in distance. At the end of the tour and after having descended a 45-meter pitch and several rappels in a row we will reach a cave-pool (lake).



Àger, Montsec d’Àres, Pallars Jussà, Prepirineo.

Maximum Amount of people
4 people

6 hours

¿What is included?
The speleology equipment (helmet and headlamp, harness, anchor material, descender, etc.. ). Progression equipment (ropes, carabiners, krabs….). Guide and insurance.

What should you bring?
Mountain footwear, an extra change of clothing for when we finish the activity and water.