Vertical Challenge™ next to Orígens UNESCO Global Geopark


The UNESCO World Geopark Orígens, located in the Lleida Pyrenees, occupies a strategic location within the Pyrenees mountain range in order to understand the origin and history of the mountain range. Its extraordinary geological, paleontological, natural, historical value and culture was recognized in 2018 by being declared a World Geopark by UNESCO.

Since its creation, the project has opted for the sustainable development of the territory, selecting collaborators, entities and companies in the area that develop their activities in it and represent the idiosyncrasies and values of the Geopark.

At Vertical Challenge™ we are proud to be able to become part of this group of collaborating companies and entities, with the commitment to be a benchmark in an activity as caving is, showing through our activities, the most unknown and less accessible that hides a unique value within the Geopark.

The caves are that space within the most unknown Geopark heritage, and that they treasure an origin, myths, culture and tradition. The underground world in general continues being a little-known entity, almost unexplored, but that is there, rich and transcendent. In a natural and cultural context.

Speleology is the discipline that explores and studies these underground spaces integrating knowledge and studies such as geology, biospeleology, paleontology, archaeology, or studies such as climate change, and which in turn harbors the genuine emotion of the adventure.

The characteristics of the Geopark rocks have given rise to a Karstic modeling with the formation of canyons, lapiazes, sinkholes or “gralleras” constituting today a unique landscape.

But there is also a hidden and transcendental landscape. The underground.

Over time, water has penetrated through cracks, fractures and planes of stratification in these mountain systems, shaping the external landscape and in turn establishing underground courses that have created caverns with long galleries, deep abysses, underground meanders or large rooms.

In these inhospitable places, in which not only the devastation of water and the passage of time they have created this seeming chaos. As if protected by the mountain and time, in the deepest within its interior are hidden the most delicate and exceptional forms that nature has been able to sculpt the formations or speleothems; chemical deposits produced by the precipitation of different minerals that the water has been diluting for thousands of years and depositing them in unimaginable ways and creating inexplicable places.

The subsoil is extensive, amazing, and unique; contains endemic species and extraordinary geological formations.

In Vertical Challenge™  we encourage you to discover these ineffable places!